Welcome to Lancaster University Engineering Society!

So, we were founded in 2008 and thanks to great people like YOU who continue to show interest in us, we’re still going now at the end of Summer Term 2012!

We think engineering is one of the more time demanding degree schemes out there, so sometimes it’s good to relax and meet up with a few fellow students who share similar interests. While the society consists of mostly ¬†engineering undergrads, the Engineering Society is open to anyone, and aims to provide a range of social events from curry nights to laser quest, film nights to company talks, brewery tours, or even just a few casual drinks in bar.

It provides a great opportunity to meet helpful students from different years, to share ideas, get a feel for what is happening around the department and just blow off some steam. Everyone wants to get a good degree but you want to have fun getting it. The Engineering society likes to think we can help you do both.